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Two short words I was happy to see in Crystal Mountain’s signage.

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I’ll keep this short today, but I did want to highlight something that was simple but made me smile.

And I really feel like it’s a message that’s needed on both a marketing level but just general humanity level. It’s at the end of a list of four requests of guests who visit Crystal Mountain.

The photo was featured in an article about their new air cleaning tools, which are pretty dang slick:

Air scrubbers using NASA technology were recently installed in the heating and cooling systems in the main lodge, spa, fitness center and other public spaces.

But the thing I wanted to highlight was the space they took on their placards to remind folks to be kind.

It’s such a simple request, but I love the message.

If there’s every a time we need folks to stop arguing about opinions and err on the side of just smiling at saying hello, it’s now. And if there’s ever a place we want to keep free from those debates, it’s the mountainous settings your guests are trying to enjoy.

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