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Competing with Creative Ski Area Partnerships: Monarch Mountain Style (Interview)

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The late infomercial superstar Billy Mays would have loved to work with Monarch Mountain. The reason, of course, if because his classic, “but wait, there’s more!” line could have been repeated more than a dozen times. Here’s why.

When you buy a season pass to Monarch you not only get excellent skiing there, but free (or nearly free) skiing at a host of other mountains like Grand Targhee, Alta, Taos, Loveland, Revelstoke, Arizona Snowbowl, Silverton, and more. Not too shabby of a deal, eh? Intrigued why other resorts weren’t involved in similar partnerships, I emailed Monarch’s marketing director Greg Ralph for details:

SlopeFillers: Without sharing too many secrets, what are the details of these partnerships? How are both parties benefiting?
Greg: For most of the partnerships it is a straight three day exchange; their pass holders get three days at Monarch and out pass holders get three free days at our partner resort. In some cases; Alta, Taos and Arizona Snowbowl it is a half price ticket that is exchanged and at Silverton we get one day and give five to their pass holders (they don

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