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And Again the Question Arises, Is it Possible for Resort Content to Be “Too Good”

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Last year, I shared some thoughts about unbelievable marketing photos and how, more often than not, they seemed to be just that: hard to believe.

This year, Richard Hackett filled me in a few more examples that were along those lines. Let’s do a compare and contrast with the photos and videos he was noticing:

First, the photos – Vail (top) vs Loveland (bottom):

Next, the videos – Vail (top) vs Aspen (bottom):

Now, I don’t know about you, but on a powder day I’ve never had the luxury of taking turns coming down an untracked face and stopping at the bottom to wait for each one of my 4 my bros (Vail). Instead, I charge as much untracked as I can. If I don’t see them at the bottom of the run, it’s back on the lift.

I have, however, had a ton of awesome days where I spend much of my time slashing pockets of pow on the sides of the runs (Aspen).

Now, before you think I’m saying Vail is screwing up, I want you to entertain a slightly different idea than I explored on the last go around.

On Brand…
If I had to use one word to describe these resorts, I’d probably choose “real” for Aspen (real people, real good times, real conditions) and “perfect” for Vail. Is Vail perfect? No. Is Aspen 100% real? No. But that’s the vibe I get. That’s the brand I see.

I could be way off on that, but if I’m anywhere close it means that maybe, just maybe, both of those videos are on brand.

If your goal is to appear “Like nothing on earth,” anything short of untracked powder won’t cut it. Was that shot on a closed run? Almost certainly, but that’s probably what it takes to portray the Vail brand.

Won’t that lead to unrealistic expectations? Perhaps, but that, as I like to say, is a topic for another day…

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