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My favorite series of the season? Magic’s Confessions from the Red Chair.

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There have been a variety of campaigns shot on a chairlift over the years.

Lutsen’s Gondola Sessions remain one of my favorites.

And I still love the simplicity and quality of Joe Johnson’s On the Lift With series for Alta.

But, man oh man, do I have a new one to add to the list: Magic Mountain’s Chairlift Confessions.

Strap a GoPro to a couple chairs on a Sunday afternoon, provide some instructions below the camera, maybe add in a random question or three, and let the skiers do the rest.

Now, the content speaks for itself, but I want you to pay close attention to the editing. This isn’t just a linear or random sequence of clips, there’s a nice layer of planning and thought behind which soundbites they used, which they didn’t, and the sequence they’re shown.

And the church bells at the beginning? Gold.

The clip I embedded above was Episode 2, but they’ve actually got four now with this being the latest where folks are catching on and getting into it.

I love this series. It’s perfectly on-brand for Magic, gets at the awesomeness of skiing and the people who love this sport, and is just…delightful.

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