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An intriguing lesson from an Idaho skier’s most viewed YouTube videos.

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I want to weave a few ideas together around something that’s been really intriguing to me lately.

The first is squeezing additional value from your b-roll. Resorts have amazing visuals that are sitting (mostly) idle and untapped in asset libraries. My thoughts around Unsplash are based on this. The second is the off-and-on push from resorts over the years to use those assets in simple, background-ish sorta ways. Wallpaper Wednesday would be a simple example of this. The third is the trends I see around how people spend their time online.

There are many examples of this, but I want to highlight one.

Chill LoFi

When I need to focus, my go-to tool is one of the many lofi channels on YouTube like Lofi Girl or Chillhop. You might have seen these recommended in the sidebar and been been blown away that 1, 2, 3 hour long videos have tens of millions of views.

chillhop stats

But dig deeper and you’ll find that these two channel combined for nearly 15 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views.

Even more, the vibe around these videos is fascinating community of positivism, love, and kindness.

screenshot of positive comments on a chillhop video

I’d always wondered if there was a way to combine (or value from trying to combine) this trend with the ones I started with…until today.

Dan Noakes

Dan Noakes is an impressive skier from Idaho with a YouTube channel. If you remove two videos from his channel, you’ll see a compilation of adventure films and deep powder skiing recaps across a total of 75 videos with a combined 190,000 views. Add those top two videos back in and not only does his total view count jump to 550,000 views, those two edits are unique relative to the vast majority of his channel.

What’s the difference? They’re an hour long…and the music is a compilation of chill, lofi beats.

This is niche content yet the music has enough popularity on it’s own to earn hundreds of thousands of views that absolutely dominate the rest of his otherwise impressive edits and stories.

It’s a brilliantly simple and clever move from Dan.

Asset Libraries

My purpose here is pretty simple: I want resorts to take a little time to think differently about their asset libraries.

We significantly underestimate how incredible the views, the moments, and the self-contained stories we have locked in our vaults. This is just one idea, but there are many, many more. When it comes to extending your brand and reach, there are dozens of opportunities and lessons our there that require videos and photos like the ones in your library.

A little food for thought going into this season.

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