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The Classic “You Made Me Cheesecake” Feeling Bristol Mtn Hopes to Capitalize On

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I’ve seen it shortened to an acronym (RAK), called a dozen different names, and done anonymously as well as in front of news cameras (though it loses the benefit of the key adjective), however you put it, “random acts of kindness” are pleasant surprised that can bring smiles to even the Scroogiest of Scrooges.

A few weeks ago, I caught glimpse of a completely amazing looking cheesecake as my wife perused her boards on Pinterest. As a sucker for all things that include cheese, I was smitten.

So, you can imagine my delight when I saw this cheesecake masterpiece sitting on the counter when I arrived home from work a few weeks ago. No special occasion, no bribe, no nothing, just a truly random and truly kind act. The “you made me cheesecake” joy (and accompanying smile) were hard to escape.

Thanks to the good folks at I SKY NY for posting this (and the good folks at Bristol for pushing out the release), I’ve learned that a ski resort is hoping to capitalize on this “you made me cheesecake” feeling that comes from such pleasant surprises.

This winter, the kindness doer in the finger lakes region will be known as the “Snow Angel”.

“…our new Bristol Mountain Random Acts of Kindness Program. An unsuspecting guest might return to their car at the end of the day to find that the Bristol Mountain Snow Angel has cleaned the snow from their windows. Another guest might be greeted at the entrance and directed to a VIP parking place at the very front of the parking lot. Guests receiving a visit from the Bristol Mountain Snow Angel will be left a note stating that the Snow Angel has visited…”

I often talk about how I love simplicity and this is no exception. Give your car parkers a ratio (1 in 50 get a special spot), send them out to scrape one window before they leave for the day, and I can’t help but think you’ll make the day of many a skier this winter.

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