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Bogus Basin’s clever angle on their end-of-season bonus day.

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I went to NSAA last week thinking that Utah was the only place that had a 6-week stretch of no snow in January/February but then got hammered right after the lifts closed. It took about an hour to realize that was not the case.

From Snowbird to the Schweitzer, that same pattern played out.

One of the resorts that suffered this ironic twist of fate was Bogus Basin. But instead of cursing the heavens in futility, they added a nice little angle to their decision to add one more day to their season.

Supply Chain Saturday

So, yes, Bogus Basin decided to open for one more Saturday. And, yes, people would probably come with just that news alone. But when you can layer on a fun message to set the tone of the day? A message that playfully reminds folks of the ironic snow situation they’re finding themselves in?

Why not give it a try?

And that’s exactly what they did with their Supply Chain Saturday message.

supply chain saturday promo

We all know that supply chains have been an issue for thousands of business – including ours – but usually around things where raw materials or labor are in short supply, not precipitation. Their copy played on this really well and tied it back to their core brand and team:

“You read that right…our order of snow got delayed, and the manufacturer was inflexible. You know what we said to that – “If mother nature won’t be flexible, we will!”

We know we said in our last post reopening was out of the question, but as the team pondered the what-ifs, we couldn’t help but feel it’s moments like these that attracted us to work for Bogus Basin – a community mountain dedicated to engaging the Treasure Valley in mountain recreation and fun!

In honor of all the madness this season, our full-time, year-round employees are rolling up their sleeves to bring you exactly what you have been asking for – Another day on the mountain!”


I’ve said this a lot lately, but skiing is fun. It’s about finishing the day with a big smile on your face.

So when I see marketing for our sport that does the same thing? That is playful and fun and gives me a good marketing message AND something to smile about? I think that’s a great combo and this campaign is a perfect example of that.

Nice work, Bogus Basin team.

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