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As Bogus Basin turns 80, they wisely turn to the power of print.

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The mountain doesn’t a look a day over 60, so it may come as a surprise that Bogus Basin turns the big eight-zero this year.

There are so many ways resorts have celebrated these moment’s in their story, but Bogus Basin took a play from their own archives by creating a book. Because in 2009, Eva Chandler created a beautiful coffee table book which I was able to buy a copy of a decade or so ago.

bogus basin coffee table book

Building on that concept, they’ve done five things with this version that I think are really smart.

#1 Visual Nostalgia

It takes effort to gather the all the stuff required to take people on an immersive trip down memory lane, but that’s exactly what you find in the book. It’s full of great visuals from days gone by that really create those fond memories of early skiing. One of my favorites was this collage of passes.

#2 Education

I love education as marketing, so while you’ve got a very engaged audience perusing your story, why not dig into some of those teaching moments that folks don’t always appreciate as much? Snowmaking is one of those and this article is a great addition to the book
pages with education

#3 Marketing

Yes it’s a trip down memory lane, but it doesn’t mean you have to shy away from touting things that you’re proud of. Bogus included this piece about their race programs which, in my book (pun intented), is a fantastic addition that really helps readers see the resort from new angles they may not be familiar with.
pages with marketing

#4 Involving the People

This page with quotes from the Greenwood family are a fantastic addition that combines nostalgia with the human element to give folks a unique view of the resort from a time and perspective that few have.
page with memories

#5 Paperback

Finally, I love that they went paperback for this edition. Hardcover coffee table books are awesome, but they’re also expensive. This book comes in at a very manageable $25 which not only makes it more realistic for people to buy, it makes it more realistic for Bogus to get it in the hands of more people who will write about it…like me (thanks again, Susan!).

Love this idea, love the execution, and love the trip down memory lane it can take someone like me who hasn’t even been to Bogus Basin…yet ;)

Huge kudos to the Bogus Basin team for this one.

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