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Kudos to Blue Mountain for this smart, simple Canada Day video.

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Seeing a lot of faces in front of a camera saying simlar things (or saying 2-3 words that splice together into a whole) is something that’s become a bit cliche in marketing.

But the video I want to talk about today broke out of the box these videos typically fall within.

And the meaning and message? Man, they’re great.

Two Layers of Diversity
Resorts like Blue Mountain are a unique blend of diversity. On the first level, every season employees from around the world arrive at their mountain to do everything from bus tables to bump lifts. Celebrating this level of diversity is awesome.

But the same is true for the country as a whole. Counties like Canada and the US are made up of immigrants from all over the world who do everything from work for small business to running major corporations. Celebrating this level of diversity is also awesome and, in my opinion, an important message to embrace and remember right now.

Which is exactly why I love this video from Blue Mountain.

See what I mean?

But most of all, I love the simple form this concept takes.

  • It’s not a cheesy mashup of everyone saying one word of a sentence.
  • It’s not forcing folks to speak in a language they’re not comfortable with.
  • It’s not a complex narration.

They found various team members with unique backgrounds, pointed a camera at them (with a good mic), and asked them to wish folks a Happy Canada Day in their native language.

One More Thing
What’s not clear to most viewers, however, is that they actually compiled the footage they used for this video for a video they posted a couple years ago. So I’d add one more item to that list:

  • It’s not reinventing the wheel, it’s using evergreen content that’s proven to resonate

Good stuff, Blue. Really good stuff.

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