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One awesome interview for every year of SlopeFillers.

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One of the things I’ve loved the most about SlopeFillers is interviews. Hearing first hand from the talented guys and gals on the front lines.

SlopeFillers has been around since 2010, so as I reminisced about some of these interviews last week I thought it’d be fun to recap seven of the best, one from each year this site has been around.

John Sellers, Loveland’s Marketing Director on the million dollar PR race.

Doug Firby on untangling their massive, sticky social media mess.

Adam Hawes on who needs to lead our industry into the future.

Jared Winkler on going from being raised at Brighton to running Brighton’s marketing.

Greg Fischer or going from snowblades to the GM’s chair.

Travis Mayer on how the MAX Pass came to be.

Peter Landsman on the huge, hidden interest in uphill transportation.

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