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My Favorite Ski Resort Facebook Post of the 2012/13 Season Was…

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Trollhaugen didn’t appear on the Name 100 Ski Resorts Challenge results. Nor have them ever been on a 25 Facebook or Twitter list (#126 & #221 respectively). Yet their Facebook page is, hands down, one of my favorites.

Written from the perspective of their Troll mascot, it’s not uncommon to see references to the kind humans that ski there:

“…make a troll-ton of snow when Winter comes… and it will come humans. :)

Hammers and jibs and aerials, oh my! These humans are straight outta OZ!

Turned out to be a beautiful day humans! Monday conditions should be pretty nice.:)

The human known as Mike Skiba is out at Brighton schooling the PBRJ set on Midwest shred. Raise a beard and cheer him on!”

If there ever was a brand that embraced who they are, it’s Trollhaugen.

So, as their season wrapped up, they posted this little tidbit that was the icing on the social media cake for me.

“With a heavy heart I share the news
Of Trolls official close
Springtime rains are slated soon
To wreck our hill’s sweet snows

T’was a great and glorious year
Of laughter, thrills, and fun
Breaks my heart to close the gates
And know that it’s all done

Yet the snow will surely come again
And “SNOW!” you’ll hear me cry
Until then, know, the Troll’s still here
To ensure the zip lines fly!”

Great work, guys. Even the biggest resorts could learn a thing or two from the Troll.

For your further enjoyment, here’s their “farewell” video to end the season.

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