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With a focus on sustainability, Beech chose swag to support that message.

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I always love it when I get one of those, “Hey, Gregg, could I get your mailing address?” emails. Yes, I love studying digital marketing, but there’s something satisfying about holding someone’s marketing handiwork.

The other day Beech Mountain’s Talia Freeman sent me one of those emails with a note that they’re really focusing on sustainability at the resort. This is a great message. It’s one skiers tend to relate to and it’s a great way to tie in “doing good” with “doing marketing”.

But I really like how Talia kept this message in mind when choosing their swag.


For example, I’ve received a dozen bits of signage or posters over the years, but none that sent such a clear message aligned with that goal of sustainability.

beech poster

You can get super creative with your swag, but it takes a little extra time, and maybe budget, to do things like cardboard pens, reusable straw/spork kits, and washable snack bags.

beech swag

One Step Further

I think this is a great lesson in general. If you’re going to rally your brand around something, choose a something that you can do right.

Don’t choose family-friendly skiing as your mantra if you have 80% steeps, don’t go all-in on nightlife if all you’ve got is a waffle trailer, and don’t push for sustainability if you’re gonna fill your swag closet with the same old handouts.

Good stuff.

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