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Beech believe brochures aren’t just for booths and hotel lobbies.

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It’s funny. Even with all the powerful, trackable, one-to-one technology that exists online, hundreds of resorts still has a nice little tri-fold brochure they put together each season.

It’s also funny how even with all the time we put into our online content, these brochures end up being some of the most succinct, well-told stories in our quivers.

I’m not kidding. Medium aside, brochures as a message are really solid stuff. There’s something about the constraints of attention spans and where people find these and the number of pages available that delivers some really clean, crisp marketing.

The challenge, however, is what happens to most of these brochures. They end up in hotel lobbies and on the table at ski shows and sitting in racks at local restaurants. But none of these things alone generate a ton of reach. Great marketing with little reach.

So what do you do? If you’re Beech, you put this in your top nav.

And this on the following page if you click through.

Yep, a digital version of their brochure that’s prominently featured and easy to flip through.

In other words, Beech has smartly taken this tidy, well-crafted bit of resort marketing and simply given it broader reach and visibility.

Love This
One of my mantras as of late has been to do more with what already exists. I love to build new things, but sometimes overlook really valuable things that already exists because I just wanna jam on a new design or some code.

Don’t be me. Be Beech.

Take those bits of marketing you’ve already spent so much time on:

  • the videos
  • the blog posts
  • the brochures posts

And do something simple today to get more value out of each.

  • Reshare on your social channels
  • Optimize for the keywords they’re already ranking for
  • Or, yes, put a digital version front and center on your website

It’s such a simple move, but definitely a smart one by Talia and her team.

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