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Batawa keeps it smart, simple as seasons change.

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Over the years I’ve highlighted a few ways resorts highlight the transformation their slopes and villages and peaks undergo as the green fades to red/orange/yellow and ultimately white.

Like what Copper Mountain did a few years ago.

It’s a fun way to highlight the rapidly approaching winter season.

Now, if you’ve got a designer on staff and maybe an experienced photographer in the desk nextdoor, your brand probably demands those top-tier visuals as you execute on the concept. But I don’t think that’s the only way.

And I don’t think that’s the only way because in a sea of content a couple weeks ago, these two tweets stood out from the rest:

The exact same concept – “showcase our resort across two seasons” – with a really simple, smart approach:

  1. Find a fun photo from a previous season
  2. Grab the camera
  3. Hike up to that same spot on the mountain
  4. Take a picture from the same angle
  5. Publish both side by side

Seeing a smaller mountain creatively execute on concepts that seem to be beyond their available resources is one of my favorite things to stumble upon.

And notice how they used this to push season passes? Savvy move.

Nice work, Batawa!

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