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Season Pass Marketing: Inside Mt Bachelor’s (Smart) New Passholder Report

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Mt Bachelor did something very simple last year with their season pass sales. They created a 2012/13 Season Passholder Report. The report is still up this year and, as many resorts’ season pass sales ramp up, wanted to dig a little deeper on what they did.

It’s a PDF (which I’ll talk about at the end), so let’s tackle it page by page (excluding the first and last – cover and credits).

Page 2
A directly, open letter from the GM/Pres. A nice connection to the top.

Page 3
Names and photos of the leadership team. Another simple tie between passholders and the top of the company.

Page 4
A quick description of POWDER and who the ownership really is with some core values details and mission statement.

Page 5
Simple stats on how much Bachelor donates to charity and does for the community.

Page 6
An update of what was new that season at the resort.

Page 7
Finally, the pass products and prices.

Page 8
Passholder FAQs. Likely a list pulled from whoever is taking pass orders over the phone.

Page 9
More FAQs, including a chart of season pass prices to respond to worries over increasing prices.

Page 10
A few of the perks season passholders get.

Page 11
Description of future plans and projects.

Why I Like It
I think I like it because it reminds me of an idea I had a while back about season launches that involve a big keynote with every player at the resort getting a chance to “launch” all the stuff they’ve been working on over the summer. This includes stuff like:

  • Awesome features the terrain park crew has been building
  • Much anticipated stuff the GM has been lining up
  • Problems solved by ops guys or snowmaking installs, etc.,

So much of the message – the connection to higher ups, the long term view, the FAQs, holding out prices until the end – is such a smart idea. It’s the content that makes big product launches exciting to watch.

The Format
True, the medium is not the best. Seeing the link with “.pdf” at the end doesn’t exactly overwhelm the clicker with enthusiasm, but it’s a great way to test out the idea and gauge the response. For that reason, I like that PDF but would also love to see it take on a new, more engaging form.

Good stuff.

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