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Aspen Snowmass weaves a lovely, father-themed angle into latest video.

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There is a lot of power behind the simple idea of helping folks connect with a brand through its people, rather than simply a logo.

Over the years we’ve seen a long list of great campaigns that do this. Sometimes it’s through the loyal guests that represent that brand like Killington did with their guest-delivered conditions updates. Other time’s it’s by telling the story of resort moments through the people who made them happen like Mission Ridge did with The Ridge.

Humans aren’t designed to have relationships with vague ideas, so giving your resort a face and name and personality helps us connect with a brand in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Two More Layers

Aspen Snowmass had a story to tell. And just the fact that they’re telling it through the eyes of an employee is fantastic. But this story is strengthened by the fact they found a story with two more layers that folks can connect with.

Actually, let me share the video quickly, then I’ll dig into these two other layers.

First, the connection between a father and son. The subtle elements of this story that show a father who is proud of the skills his son has developed and a son who can’t wait to tell his dad about something he’s proud of ring true for so many. And the fact this was released on Father’s Day weekend? Brilliant.

Second, the hope to help the environment. Doing stuff that is good for the planet is a responsible thing to do, but it’s also something that our audiences tend to relate to more than usual. So building this father/son, human story around the resort’s hope to do something that can help Earth in some small way? That’s a really night angle as well.


Any one of these angles is great, but combined they create a really strong story.

Folks can easily relate to any one of the pieces individually, but odds are that multiple elements will combine in the minds and hearts of viewers to help this video sink in a little deeper than usual.

It certainly did for me. Nice work, Aspen Snowmass.

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