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Aspen’s latest series makes a nice pivot on format while maintaining a consistent message.

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Aspen has been riding the Mind Body Spirit tagline for a few years now.

At a time where brands jump from catchphrase to catchphrase on what feels like an annual schedule, I love the consistency.

But I also love the way they’ve packaged the message within that message this time around.

The idea is simply this: one. So:

One: Mind Body Spirit

Travel marketing is very much the business of planting as many seeds as possible in a way that branding and follow-up messaging helps them grow.

But resort marketing i nparticular adds in a unique element of time. Meaning, the experience-seeds we plant aren’t one size fits all, they’re as diverse as a ski bum tallying 120 days and a wealthy family staying slope side for week or someone driving a couple hours for a day of skiing.

Content Structure
Which is exactly what I love this year’s Mind Body Spirit format.

As marketers we try really hard to segment our guests into these homogenous groups, but rarely (if ever) have I seen it done so elegantly as simply grouping messages by the duration of a single resort experience.

  • Everyone: run
  • Weekend warriors: day
  • Destination travelers: week
  • Local skiers: season

It’s so simple but also extremely effective and naturally segments viewers by aligning the content title with the experience they’d dream of having.

Seeds planted in the right soil now with a marketing plan in place to give them what they need ll season long to eventually blossom into future bookings and experiences.

Good stuff.

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