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Alta’s photo pullouts solve multiple reasons people visit in summer.

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When I first hiked Alta during wildflower season I was just starting college. On a Friday afternoon I was the only car in the lot, one of a few hikers on the trail, and, to be fair, more interested in the chairs sitting idly nearby than the blossoms.

Times have changed. Whatever the driving force, Alta is seeing significantly more people looking for flowers now than they did back then.

The trick, however, is that in the quest for the “perfect” photo, folks will often through the flowers. The more people that do this, the fewer flowers are left untrampled for everyone else to enjoy.

A Brilliant Solution

I absolutely love Alta’s solution to this challenge. It solves both the content and conservations aspects of wildflower viewing in a single, simple step: photography pullouts.

Instead of leaving it up to IG boyfriends to decide where the best angles are, Alta is making it easy by choosing some of the best ones ahead of time so folks can stop, smile, and feel confident they’re getting a fantastic shot.

Are a few flowers sacrificed for these spots? Possibly. But many more are saved along the way.

Fold it Back In

And then to reinforce both the message to visitors AND the fact that these are actually fantastic places to take photos that will earn you (and Alta) some online love, they followed up with this.

Love it.

A great way to preserve the product, increase the quality of marketing exposure that product receives, and create future content for you to share that promotes both. Good stuff.

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