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Alta chose a blog post to celebrate their snow (and it worked beautifully).

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Alta has…what are the right words…oh yes…an absolutely buttload of snow. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a season quite like this one in Utah where the snow at almost every elevation just keeps coming and coming and coming.

How do you portray such a season?

Well, you’ve always gotta choose your medium wisely when telling stories like this. In this case, Alta chose a blog post, and in my book? It was a great call.

Rolling in the Deep

Cleverly titled Rolling in the Deep, this post sets up the season historically – a season, mind you, that isn’t even over yet – with some data.

screenshot of list of snow totals over history

Then goes month by month comparing averages to actuals, expectations to realities with all sorts of facts and anecdotes.

screenshot of monthly breakdown

Oh, and photos. Lots and lots and lots of photos. Alta is one of the best and consistently capturing incredible images of the mountain, people, buildings, and vistas. And they had a gold mine to turn to for this one.

screenshot of amazing photos of the snow

The post is mind blowing as you keep scrolling and keep scrolling, realizing again and again that there are still many more weeks ahead with opportunities for snow.

Blog Posts Done Right

Blog posts can be a lot of things – they can be a place to reveal news, provide quick updates on conditions, tell stories, and more – but it’s a medium that also takes a little bit of thought because attention spans don’t always align to the written word.

You’ve gotta be engaging, you’ve gotta have visuals, you’ve gotta be succinct, you’ve gotta use it when there’s stuff that you want people to gawk at for a second.

Alta did that beautifully with this post. I love a good video, but I’ve been scrolling up and down on this post for a while trying to wrap my head around this season and I think I’ll need a few more minutes with this one before I close this tab. Great work, Alta.

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