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Alta and Jackson Hole’s giant ads in Mountain Gazette are amazing.

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I’d heard that the format would be a little larger than I was expecting when I subscribed to Mike Rogge’s revival of Mountain Gazette last year, and the rumors were true.

At 11″x16.5″ it dwarfs other magazines.

Even more, most of the ads are spreads that take full advantage of the real estate. Two this month highlight the potential of this format.

Jackson Hole

The first is Jackson Hole going with a design that takes full advantage of the specs. A giant word “MORE” that measures almost 20″ edge to edge sits rigth inside from the front cover.
jackson hole print ad


Alta goes with another of their classic, minimalist ads where the pictures do all the talking. And when the picture measures 22″ x 16.5″? Yeah, hard to miss.
alta print ad

It may be hard to tell just how big those are, so let’s toss a full page ad from a normal magazine on top of that for context.

photo of magazine size comparison

Not bad, eh?

These two brands have both advertised in Mountain Gazette before (Alta in 196, Jackson Hole in 197) but I hadn’t seen both with a full spread right up front.

Recognize Opportunity

So much of marketing is doing the work, repeating the steps that have worked in the past. But every once in a while marketing is about being about to get your brain out of the box-checking groove and spot unproven opportunities that, yeah, take a little more work on the front end (and carry a little more risk in the middle) but hold the potential for something special.

This is one of those opportunities.

And given Rogge’s success and growth with Mountain Gazette and the head-turning presentation of ads this size, these bets from Alta and Jackson Hole absolutely paid off.

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