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2014 Prediction #1: Another Major Pass Partnership Will be Formed

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While both existed in some form during 2012, 2013 saw both the Mountain Collective and Powder Alliance take center stage.

My prediction for 2014 is that another, similar partnership will be formed. Here’s how it might look.

I think the biggest chance will come from small to mid-sized resorts looking to add value to current passes and compete with larger players.

The Powder Alliance will likely add a few new members, but with geographic spacing an important element, a totally different pass could end up filling in the gaps.

I’m wondering if this will come from the east. Much of the motivation for the passes I mentioned earlier are in response to the Epic Pass so without a kick in the pants this may not happen yet.

However, if Vail Resorts enteres New England or the Mid Atlantic, hold onto your butts.

Common Ownership
Some of these already exist, but, okay, I’ll just say it: POWDR. If I had more guts I would have predicted they’d come out with a pass that covers all their resorts but I’m a chicken.

It’d be tough to both create a joint pass and compete with the EpicPass with high pass pricepoints at some of their resorts, but to me, a Copper, Park City, Boreal, Bachelor, LVSSR pass (and maybe even Killington) is not out of the question.

Am I Gonna Be Wrong?
Probably, but where’s the fun in being right?

See you back here in 2015 to find out.

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