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Dear Jackson Hole & Snow King, Please Market to Me…Now

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Dear Jackson Hole & Snow King,

First, I love you guys. Really. Every time I visit Jackson I wish I could stay forever. Maybe that was part of the motivation that got me to sign up for
LOTOJA last year, and the reason I’m riding it again this year. After 200 miles, a sunset view of the Tetons is just the motivation tired legs need to keep turning.

The problem is, I haven’t yet secured a post-race hotel room. Jackson Hole, I’ll finish the race on your doorstep, at the entrance to Teton Village. Wouldn’t it be awesome for me to finish, grab a few hugs from friends and family, and then stroll 100 yards to where a warm, comfortable bed would be waiting? Snow King, if I don’t stay in Teton Village, I’ll likely come back to town and inhale a greasy pizza before I turn in. How marvelous would it be to drive a few after-dinner blocks to a nights stay in your lovely hotel?

Yet, with such simple offers available, you’ve been silent: nothing on Facebook, nothing through the LOTOJA emails, nothing in my mailbox. The reason I am writing is because I want you to market to me. I’m begging you to. I’m not some random person who will cruise in on his bike this September, I am one of 1500 cyclists who will need a place to stay on the night of September 10. Why haven’t you sent me any offers? If you made me an offer that was easy to take advantage of, I would love for you to solve this need I have. But you haven’t.

I hope I hear from you soon. If I don’t, I’ll probably use a random travel site to find lodging, where, with any luck, you may show up on a list with 100 other properties. I hope your ratings are good…but that’s another letter for another day.

Sincerely, Gregg

P.S. – This likely isn’t the only event that draws a crowd each summer. I sure hope you aren’t missing out on those as well.

  • Wow, that's a pretty big "call out." As a resident of Jackson Hole, I really appreciate your participation in LOTOJA and your love for this amazing valley. I hope the folks at JHMR and SKR respond quickly. If you ever need local knowledge or recommendations, let me know.

    • GreggBlanchard

      John, I hope it wasn’t too harsh, but I definitely wanted both get their attention but also remind other resorts that are missing boats like this during the summer. Cyclist have a lot of money to spend…I’d hate to see these resorts miss out on such a prime group. Thanks for the offer as well, I’ll let you know if I need any advice.

      • Not too harsh. I think it's great. I worked for JHMR & Grand Targhee marketing depts. for many years, and know they want to hear this sort of stuff. It gets them amped up knowing that the summer market is engaged. Have fun.

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