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You should go take a walk right now.

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Twenty minutes ago I had a simple choice.

Do I write the SlopeFillers post I hadn’t yet written today. Or do I take a walk.

I chose the latter, and I think it’s worth explaining why.

Constant Info
There is so much info we’re presented with at any given moment. This morning was no exception. I had four meetings before lunch and I have two more coming up once I hit “publish” on this post.

If you think about my brain like a sink, I was overflowing. I hadn’t yet processed all the stuff I’d discussed in the morning, yet I was about to dump even more water in and make the problem even worse.

So I took a walk.

Skiing? Biking?
Listen, I love skiing. And I love biking. But in my experience, those are great for helping me feel relaxed, but they require just enough mental engagement that I don’t actually have a chance to make heads or tails of the thoughts and ideas rattling in my brain.

To return to the analogy for a moment, they prevent more water from coming into my sink. But they don’t allow me to actually drain any out. Walking seems to be the perfect blend of:

  • Disconnect from the firehose of information
  • Not requiring mental focus to actually do
  • Being in a place free from further distractions

So, I walk. A lot. And I tend to walk in proportion to the size of the problems I was just meeting about or trying to tackle.

The next time you have a big meeting or are faced with a big problem or just feel like your brain is about to explode, I’d encourage you to take a walk.

Don’t jump on the bike, don’t throw on the skis, just…walk. Let your brain do nothing but get organized; clearing out the stuff that doesn’t matter and digging into the stuff that does.

A simple prescription, but one I turn to daily. Hope it help.s

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