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Wild Mountain keeps an impressive year rolling with a green milestone.

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Man, Wild Mountain has really been impressing me this year.

First it was the lift refurb and adding barn quilt squares to the freshly painted lift shacks:

Then they dropped their garage photos:
photo of wrenches

Now they’ve stepped up in another area: environmental sustainability.

Truth be told, the buzzwordiness of “environmental sustainability” isn’t my fav, but the message it sends to skiers – folks who tend to care about stuff like this much more than their neighbors – is super important.

And it’s just the right thing to do.

On that note, I really appreciate how they carefully describe exactly what the label of being “carbon neutral” means on paper because you know folks love to jump on those names and nit pick about what it “really” means.

By being up front and clear, there was nowhere for the climate denier trolls to go. They could disagree with what they said, but they couldn’t trying to roll it into some sort of conspiracy theory type tangent. That alone is one of the best moves I’ve seen around this topic.

Nice work, Wild Mountain.

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