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This video from Mountain Creek shows just how far we’ve come.

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As you may have heard me talk about, I have a tool that lets me search (virtually) every resort video ever uploaded to YouTube.

It’s one of my favorite sources of random inspirations. Type in a keyword, filter by promoted/not, drill down by view count or rating or date, and I’ll almost surely find a great video no matter how far back in time I go.

But do you know what I won’t find 10+ years ago?

How Far We’ve Come
Take, for example, the one of the most viewed snowmaking videos from 2010. It’s a snowmaking video from Mountain Creek shot almost entirely at night.

Mountain Creek was doing some great video work at the time, punching well above their weight. And this was one of my favorites of the year.

But viewed through 2020 eyes you realize how far we’ve come with:

  • Camera technology
  • Editing techniques
  • Availability of good, affordable music
  • Text and graphics

It’s a great video, but when you compare it to the one Mountain Creek post a few weeks ago with almost an identical message?

It’s awesome to see just how far the art of resort video has come. Videos from a decade ago had a lot of great elements, but they didn’t have that polish and professionalism that’s becoming more and more commonplace in 2020.

So this year when you’re frustrated that edit didn’t turn out quite right or your colors were a little off or maybe you missed focus on one shot?

Take it easy on yourself.

Even the flawed stuff these days is miles ahead of where most resort videos were even 5 years ago. You’re all doing amazing work with your videos and everyone should be proud of just how far we’ve come.

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