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The Top 100 Resort Google+ Updates Posted During the 2013/14 Ski Season

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Following up on the recap of Instagram three weeks ago, Facebook two weeks ago, and Twitter last week, here’s the Google+ list. Posts included from November 1, 2013 to April 30, 2014 by resort Google+ accounts that were in at least 200 circles when the post was published. Default order is plus-one rate (plus-ones/circles at time of posting). Use the links below to toggle between different ranking types.

Let me also say that this list may be missing some resorts. The Google+ system doesn’t make finding and keeping track of resort accounts easy and with more activity on other sites I don’t put as much effort into keeping this list clean. But as you can see with the low engagement, that’s not the only challenge with this list.

Wanna rank these by something other than plus-one rate?
Order by: plusones/followers / total plusones || comments/followers / total comments || reshares/followers / total reshares