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Mission Ridge’s new series The Ridge is quickly becoming a favorite.

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Resorts are really good at telling two types of stories.

  • Stories about people.
  • Stories about the mountain.

What I love about Mission Ridge’s new series, The Ridge, is that it does a fantastic job of combining those two things. Of putting people in context. And when you look at some of the copy used to describe it:

“The intersection of people and place creates the character of Mission Ridge. This series celebrates each of these aspects.”

You realize that was their goal. A goal to which I’d say; mission accomplished.

Four (So Far)
So far four of these episodes have dropped. I love the black and white, I love the music, I love the angles. It’s a style that not only works really well but stands out from other series.

I’ll stop talking so you have time to enjoy some these (hopefully) as much as I have.

Nice work, Mission Ridge.

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