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Taos is pushout out some great video content this winter.

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Taos has been making some really great moves with their brand and company. One of my favorites is how they not only become a certified B-Corp but built a campaign around that fact.

The media they used for some of those campaigns varied, but as the winter has arrived and skiing has begun, it’s their videos that have impressed me the most.

Three, specifically, stand out.

#1) Great Educational Video
It’s personal, human, and is a well-written script. I love seeing the faces behind the scenes but also love how the words they’re speaking don’t feel too forced.

#2) Pre-Roll
Similar to other brands, they’ve drilled down to a single message – there will be limited capacity but that won’t limit the experience – and not tried to do too much with the video. With nearly 100,000 views on this ad, it shows they’ve put the money down so this message could make a difference. I’ve been served this ad probably 5-7 times and every time I love the bright, happy visual.

#3) Simple Signage
When I was sitting down to write this I had only planned on covering the first to videos above. But I saw a recently uploaded videos that looks like a video they’ll been looping or using for signage. These often aren’t uploaded, so I wanted to share it as well because I love the simplicity – no distracting images, just a clean icon to illustrate – and the colors/fronts – it’s right on brand. It’s just a nice, tidy little visual and a great compliment to the rest of their messages.

Great stuff from Taos in an especially challenging year for resorts in New Mexico.

Keep it up.

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