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Thanks to Sunday River, My Daughter Now Has Something Ski-Related to Read Before Bed

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A wrote a few months ago that my daughter was soaking up childrens books like a sponge.

That’s why, how did I put it,

“She knows every sound to every animal on 6 continents. When we see yaks, she’s pumped. When we hear dogs. She’s psyched.”

Why? Because that’s what virtually all of those books were about.

I wished for more skiing books to read and Sunday River’s Nick Lambert delivered.

Now having read Eddy’s story with the little one a handful of times, I’m more excited about this idea than ever.

Hiya, Eddy
Eddy’s story is a simple one. From the front cover:

“Join Eddy on the slopes as he plays in the snow, learns how to ski, and quickly discovers that making new friends is both fun and rewarding.”

They’ve even added that super-clever layer of finding something similar on each page

“Don’t forget to look low and high for within each brilliantly colored illustration is a hidden yeti footprint.”

Seriously, there are books with pages that cannot be turned until a certain hidden ladybug (or mouse or bird) is spotted. Well played, Sunday River.

The Goods
A simple story with lovely illustrations by Claudia Diller, Eddy the Yeti is now a staple in our evening rotation.

IMG_3312 (1)

IMG_3315 (1)

IMG_3316 (1)

So between stories about older siblings being extremely helpful around their brand new brother or sister, we’re reading stories about skiing. About Sunday River. About kids.

And my daughter loves it.

Thanks again, Nick.

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