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You want your guests to do something? Tell them. Like Smuggs did.

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You probably want folks do so certain things at your resort:

  • Buy lift tickets
  • Renew their season pass
  • Take a lesson

Which is probably why you say so…over and over and over again. And…it works! Why wouldn’t it. If you have a good message that aligns with people’s interests and is something they would love to do, you say it enough and plant enough seeds and before long you’ll be harvesting the goods.

But you also want people to do other stuff like:

  • Make your resort part of their traditions
  • Bring another family along on that tradition
  • Never skip a year

These things are massively valuable, but even still you just don’t see a lot of resorts using this language. You don’t see many resorts planting those seeds.

One that does, however, is Smugglers’ Notch.

I love this post. I really do. It’s a testimonial, it’s UGC, and a fabulous story all-in-one.

And it plants thousands of these little “hey, would should start a tradition like that with the Jones…” seeds every time it’s shared. Like I said, plant enough of those seeds and it won’t be long before you start to reap the rewards.

Great stuff, Smuggs.

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