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Best lodging message + offer of the summer? Nice work, Seven Springs.

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When you follow as many resort marketing efforts as I do, it’s not hard to find a great offer. And it’s also not hard to find a great message.

But it’s the combinations of the two that are more rare.

Maybe I’ll see a great offer, but they’ve only taken a few minutes on the copy and imagery. Or maybe I’ll see a really powerful message, but the offer doesn’t really map to the key pieces of the story.

Seven Springs, Take a Bow
Let’s get the dramatic reveal out of the way and break it down afterward.

Here’s the tweet that contains both the message and the offer.

Let’s discuss.

The Message
I absolutely love this message because, as a parent, it really hits all the simple pleasures of traveling with kids. Think unlocking a hotel room door is boring? Do it with a 3 year old. Holding hands as a family as you walk down a path? Both the cheesiest and greatest thing ever. The high fives and hugs after the activities? Almost as good as the activity themselves.

It’s just a really solid “yeah, i can picture us doing that” message.

The Offer
I am a huge fan and believer in the idea of all inclusive packages. It reduces the pain of paying over and over for stuff, and encourages guests to do as much as possible which increases the likelihood they’ll have an awesome time (and, in turn, come back). So this offer of lodging + breakfast + pool access + passes at a simple per/person price is awesome.

Matchy Matchy
But, again, the best part is how the message matches the offer and the offer matches the message.

It gives some mom or dad scrolling their feeding something to dream about for a second and then gives them a clear next-step to get closer to that image in their heads. Good stuff.

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