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How Killington (and POWDR) are adding value by…well…adding value.

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The other day I listed my favorite Cyber Monday deals.

Among them were the classic discounts and deals and such, but there was one I think about a lot these days.

And the reason why starts with a simple goal we all share: increase value.

As marketers, we are trying to convince to part with something that has a very clear value – the dollars in their bank account – with something that has a less clear value – the products your resort sells.

Now, for some folks that value is obvious. A cool $100 for a day of skiing is a small price to pay for something they value beyond that sum.

For others, however, we have to play a game. A game where we try to make the value of the thing we’re selling increase to the point that they mental math they’re doing adds up.

One easy way to do that is by making the thing they almost want to buy a little less expensive. This will (hopefully) cross that invisible value threshold for more folks who you’re hoping to convince to buy.

The downsides are, of course, obvious.

But what marketers sometimes miss, is just how many ways there are to change the perceived value of a product without touching the price. For example:

  • Laurel Mountain sold 6-packs for full price on Cyber Monday, they just tossed in a freebie for those who ordered
  • More and more resorts are opening exclusively to passholders for a day or two before the public
  • Many passes come with discounts to pass along to friends or family

These are all larger, more visible tactics. But if there’s one theme in the 10 years of SlopeFillers it’s this: you don’t always have to do something splashy, because a handful of small things add up.

Which brings me to what POWDR resorts are doing this year.

Promoted by each resort individually…

…it adds an interesting flavor of value to the season pass buying process. Instead of increasing “value” by decreasing price, they’re adding value by adding..well…value. Something that means something to their passholders. That gives their purchase more purpose.

A small thing, but a meaningful one.

A beautiful blend of branding and giving folks reasons to purchase, this is honestly one of my favorite marketing campaigns of the year. Well played, POWDR.

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