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I dig the simple sidebar Killington adds to every podcast episode.

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I’m a big believer in podcasting even if I haven’t listened to as many as I’d like in recent months. And the reason’s why other people love podcasts make it even more intriguing to me as a marketer.

Justin Jackson, co-founder of podcast-hosting company Transistor, calls podcasts a “thoughtful” medium. People listen to these when they can give each a slice of undivided attention. In the car, on a walk, on a plane, etc. Having that attention is a great way to tell a deep, complex story. A long-form piece that takes 40-minutes to read can’t hold someone’s attention like a 40-minute podcast can.

That’s a rare pocket of attention to discover these days.

Killington’s New Podcast

For all these reasons and more, I was stoked to see Killington roll out a new podcast this year called 4141 Stories. There are a handful of resort podcasts that have come and gone, but this is the only one I’ve heard of in a few months.

As I listened to the first handful of episodes, I of course loved the insight into getting ready for opening day and hosting the world cup races, but I also loved that each episode began with the same, 3-5 minute check-in with Killington’s Director of Communications, Amy Laramie, about what’s happening at the resort.

Amy’s segment starts about 1-minute into that episode if you want to give it a quick listen.

Smart Combo

I love this combination of evergreen content with the realization that a bunch of people will listen to this in the initial 24-72 hours after it is published and it’s a perfect opportunity to Amy to just remind folks of:

  • Events that are coming up
  • What’s going on with terrain openings, etc.
  • Policies around events
  • Reminders about stuff she’s mentioned in previous episodes

Kudos to Killington on the quality stories, thoughtful planning and, most important, the solid audio quality of not just the host but the folks the host is interviewing.

Good stuff.

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