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A simple data point that illustrates the challenges of ski industry growth.

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Sometimes when I need to get in a zone, I pull on my headphones and find a 2-hour lofi mix on YouTube.

If you’re not familiar with it, here’s an example.

One of the first channels I stared listening to was LoFi Girl. After turning to their video archives for a while, I soon realized that the random live videos they rolled out so, as any good YouTube user would do, I subscribed.

Now, keep in mind that there are a handful of reasons people watch these videos, most of which help folks to get into a groove:

  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Homework
  • Falling Asleep
  • Relaxing

As you can imagine, the age skews a little younger, but the breadth of reasons someone might get into a zone makes this group fairly representative.

The Survey

Which leads me a couple years forward in this story to the present day and the LoFi Girl channel asked a simple question of their subscribers.

“What do you prefer doing in your spare time?”

Now, think about that demographic, think about that question, and you’re likely as curious as me about what folks were answering. So, I clicked on my response to see if I where my cohort would fall in the results.

lofi spare time survey

One of the things I love doing is quantifying my (and our collective) instinct. It shows us how close we are when we make general statements on things. Statements like “Kids like video games” that now we have numbers for relative to stuff outdoors.

In this case, video games – ONE activity – outnumbers sports/exercise – something that cover HUNDREDS of activities – about 6-to-1. Watching movies/TV? About 3.5-to-1. What was close? Drawing/painting.

We sometimes portray video games as the only villain – and it’s a big one – but interest in sports/exercise is so low in this group that painting and drawing are just as big of an alternative.

Or opportunity?

Something to chew on.

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