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I just got a perfectly timed, perfectly helpful email from Nordic Valley.

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We don’t ski a lot on weekends these days. A few laps at lunch? After school? Before bed (Nordic Valley night skiing)? Absolutely.

So we get midweek passes. Midweek passes, as you might have guessed, have blackout dates.

As you might have guessed, we carefully read the blackout date details when we were buying our passes a bunch of months ago, but we’d…well…forgotten. Like humans do. And we’d forgotten right as we knew there must be some sort of blackout stretch coming.

And then I got this email.

nordic valley email

Look, great marketing can mean sexy, it can mean beautiful, it can mean super clever and creative and brilliant.

But it can also mean simple. It can mean helpful. It can mean obvious.

This is one of those campaigns.

And this is great marketing.

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