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Bite-Sized Videos from Blue Mountain Apply a Simple Pattern to Plug Summer Activities

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Among this summer’s most viewed YouTube videos is a series from Blue Mountain covering their summer activities. These videos run anywhere from 1:00 – 1:30 in length and follow a very simple structure.

  1. Intro the activity
  2. Interview an employee (expert) running the activity
  3. Interview a customer who has just completed the activity
  4. An invitation to “come try…” followed by their tagline

Though Phinneas and Ferb may disagree on how many days summer actually spans, it’s a simple formula that creates bite-sized videos that are not only quick to consume but cover all the bases.

Take a gander at few of the dozen videos they’ve produced starting with the trailer.

From the video and audio quality to the custom thumbnails on each, they’re really well made.

Now, if you take the time to watch a few, you’ll notice that the tone of “what customers are saying” falls somewhere between a range of feeling “kinda staged” to “very staged.”

At a time when marketers are crying for more authenticity, what does this tone mean for the success of these campaigns?

One Interesting Sign
Here’s an interesting stat.

Despite approaching a combined 30,000 views and 23 likes, none of these videos have yet to register a single dislike.

To be fair, a ratio of 23:30,000 usually means these have been heavily promoted as ads, but even this promoted video from Whistler which has an even lower like:view ratio…

…has twelve likes and two dislikes.

In other words, yes, some parts may feel a bit staged but maybe…just maybe…people are more okay with that than we think.

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