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Kudos to Blue Mountain for this smart, simple Canada Day video.

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Originally this morning I planned to keep tabs on my favorite posts and create a collection of 3 or 4 or 5 of my favorites.

And there are some good ones out there, but as soon I saw Blue Mountain’s video I decided to scrap that idea and just share a quick shout out for this smart, yet perfectly simple, piece of content.

Two Layers of Diversity
Resorts are a unique blend of diversity. On one level, they exist in countries built by immigrants and very diverse backgrounds. So the country is what it is because of people coming from many different nations. But every season, this pattern often repeats itself as employees from an equally diverse list of countries comes together to help the resort operate.

Which is exactly why I love this video from Blue Mountian.

See what I mean?

But most of all, I love the simple form this concept takes.

  • It’s not a cheesy mashup of everyone saying one word of a sentence.
  • It’s not forcing folks to speak in a language they’re not comfortable with.
  • It’s not a complex narration.

They found various team members with unique backgrounds, pointed a camera at them (with a good mic), and asked them to wish folks a Happy Canada Day in their native language.

Good stuff, Blue. Really good stuff.

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