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Another summer, another lift install series, another winner from Sunday River.

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Over the last few years we’ve seen a bunch of summer projects documented with the touch of a marketer/storyteller’s hand.

Two perfect examples would be the Kanc 8 lift at Loon and Mount Snow’s West Lake Water Project, but I’d like to add another name to the lift from which to draw inspiration.

Sunday River’s Jordan 8 update series.

Similar Format

The format is simple:

  • Great, high quality footage
  • Sharp editing to keep things moving
  • The GM on camera to tell the story
  • Consistent updates through the summer

Here’s the first episode.

By the way, as a snowboarder and father of 2 not-so-heavy children, I think that point the gradework on Kansas is something that’s worth of it’s own headline ;)


Summer provides a few months where you have to decide what you’re going to do to hold the attention of an audience that’s primary interested in your winter activities (though, that’s obviously changing) and series like these are a fantastic way to do that.

It gives more meaning to the moment of riding the lift for the first time, it helps people feel like they’re part of the story, and it makes a connection to the top.

Great work by the Sunday River team.

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