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Calling All Resort Marketers: One of Our Own Needs a Hand

I can’t remember the last time I posted twice in a day, but this time it’s pretty important. I haven’t been asked to do this, I have a friend in a bind and a resource that can help. Why wouldn’t I?

Very soon after I started the blog I virtually (online I mean) bumped into a guy that impressed me with his talent in resort marketing, understanding of social media, and ingenuity. After three years as Communications Manager at Sunday River and two years as Mt Bachelor’s Marketing Director, Alex Kaufman moved back to his old stomping grounds in the East. It didn’t take long before the industry he loved beckoned and he started looking for ways to get back into the game. Now, before you think Alex has cancer and needs a bone marrow donor match, let me assure you he’s in fine health. But the situation he finds himself in still sucks.

Here’s what happened next in his own words:

“So about 3 weeks ago, after a month long interview process, I accepted the job of Director of Marketing and Sales at Magic Mountain Ski Area. It was for low seasonal pay and no benefits to accommodate the shoe string nature of the operation. My wife and I were excited nonetheless for the opportunity to settle down at a place where my jack of all trade marketing and PR skills would be put to good use at a mountain that was seeking what I offered. We have moved a lot lately and really want to settle down and raise our daughter in one place. We found a house we really liked and were very near to closing on buying it. We broke out of our rental lease and made a deposit on the house and movers.

After I took the job, I learned that a part-time resident mountain shareholder who had previously been delivering some consulting, was now going to be operating as the VP of Marketing, a role which had never existed before. I tried to re-arrange the department back to what I had originally signed on for in recent weeks, but was unsuccessful. Buying and moving for low seasonal pay and no benefits quickly became a tenuous plan. Not one we are going to undertake based on the overhaul of the position.

We now have to be out of our condo in Moretown, VT by mid-month to make room for the new tenants and are unsure as to our next move. We will hopefully get the deposit back on our home we intended to buy, but lawyer fees and moving costs are likely shot. We have a one year old daughter and my wife is a teacher/caregiver. Open to short term winter options or long term career options.

I still hope to get a few days in at Magic this winter and urge ya’ll to do the same. That place is vintage Vermont skiing at its best. I wish the team in place there a fantastic season. Hoping I can have one too somewhere.”

I think this is a situation we all, including myself, have feared we’d end up in when we accept a job and make big commitment to move in that direction, only to have the situation change while arranging the move.

So, if you know of any openings at your resort or anywhere that might fit the bill, either let Alex know on Twitter (@Kaufmanwithak), through his personal contact info, or by leaving a comment below.

Let’s spread the word and help out one of our own. Thanks, everyone.

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