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What’s changing on SlopeFillers going forward.

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With the results of the survey posted and lots of lessons swirling through the brain, I took some time to figure what I’d change based on what I learned. Here’s the scoop.

Side note: I should have said something in the video, but a shout out to Jim Seely at Lee Canyon for sending me the logo t-shirt I was wearing.

For those of you who don’t have four minutes to spare, here’s the bullet-point recap:

  • Experiment with photo and video: 62% of you prefer text but there’s a big group that want something to watch or listen to.
  • Share more examples of great marketing: it’s what got SlopeFillers started and it’s clearly something people wish I’d do more of so I will as I decrease the volume of interviews.
  • Do more surveys around things that matter to you: trends, challenges, ideas, tech, you name it, I’ll start gathering and sharing the community’s thoughts on key topics.

See you tomorrow!

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