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What if this was on every page on your resort’s site?

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Resorts have calendars. Resorts have deals. Resorts have weather. Resorts have tickets. Resorts have events. Resorts have concerts. Resorts have packages. Resorts have snow conditions.

Rarely do you make a decision on one without researching the other, but even more rarely do you find a resort that ties these pieces together.

A while back I brainstormed a way to do that very thing. A way to promote a day as a complete experience rather than the individual pieces on their own. Here’s my first rough draft.

The idea would be to create calendar that shows all this stuff (or at least the most important on any day) in a simple, easy to browse format on frequently visited pages like snow reports, blogs, web cams, etc. It’s no secret I am a big fan of getting people to your website, I feel like this would help make each of those visitors more valuable.

Additionally, it would display different content depending on where you are from.

First, this is what it would look like for locals. On any given day there would be three items. Not just items, but three unique selling points that can be paired to enhance the value of the other. If it’s not going to snow, it would highlight grooming. If there aren’t events, it would highlight sunny weather.


Hover over any element and it becomes a link to where the details currently and normally reside.


For those outside of a certain radius (using IP to determine location), it would look like this. Instead of daily events, it would show monthly trends, averages, and highlights.


With the same idea for hovering.


Working Together
Every one of these piece – events, weather, prices, etc. – can help give someone a reason to come.

I believe a lot of good can happen if these reasons work together and are clearly visible whenever someone visits the site, reads a blog post, or checks a web cam.

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  • Dave Gibson

    The idea of geo-targeted content and promotions is right on – as well as this idea of consolidating relevant geo-relevant content as well. I love your idea.

    We’ve just developed a cousin of this concept – what we call Geo-Smart Promotions. With so many visitors accessing the resort site locally now with mobile, why promote a ski & stay package to people already at the resort?

    So we’ve created a geo-smart promo tool that enables the resort to target the hero promo and secondary promotions throughout the site based on the visitor’s location. Multiple locations. So, not just on-site vs off-site, but also a city, or an entire region of the country.

    Good stuff. Thanks

    • Nice, I dig it! I’ve toyed around with that as well but hadn’t built anything that I was ready to showoff yet.

      Do you have a live example somewhere? What IP database are you using to verify location?

      • Dave Gibson

        Yeah. We’re using it on They can segment on-site from off, and then also target specific regions – such as NYC Metro with unique promotions/hero graphics.

        We’re actually not using IP at this point. We’re first asking permission of the user to access their location. Then we’re using the location service of the browser – whether desktop or mobile. Mobile taps the device GPS, and desktop taps the first switch with GPS. This is an experiment still, and if we have trouble with the location services – or if too many users don’t respond or say “yes”, then we will likely fall back to IP lookup and use MaxMind database.

        – Dave

        Dave Gibson | Owner
        Propeller Media Works 802.864.8251 x116
        Me : Photo Profile & Social Media Links
        Propeller : Website & Blog | Facebook
        | Twitter | Google+

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