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Twitter Top 25 Update

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Oh Twitter, how we love thee. Unlike Facebook, it is so hard to judge who is legitimately growing their follower list and who isn’t. Who has the most valuable account and who has the most fluff. Either way, here are a couple things to note in this month’s Top 25 Ski Resorts on Twitter list:

  • Whistler/Blackcomb should hit 10,000 followers within the next two weeks
  • The Canyons sneaked into the top 10 snagging 771 followers
  • The Canyons also is at their following limit following at 4040 (1.1 * follower count) so that growth will likely slow a fair amount
  • Vail and Breckenridge combined have a 10:1 ratio. Impressive.
  • The one smaller brand name in the top ten, Grouse Mountain, is still in the top ten.

All the changes:

  • Canyons (+4)
  • Snowbird (+2)
  • Beaver Creek (+1)
  • Grouse Mountain (-1)
  • Aspen Snowmass (-1)
  • Mt Bachelor (-1)
  • Heavenly (-1)
  • Arizona Snowbowl (-1)
  • Winter Park (-2)

View the full list.

  • Good job on updating this list on a monthly basis Gregg, it's interesting to watch for trends, but as you note Twitter is a fairly easy network to "game" although it's pretty obvious when you look through an account's followers.

    Something you might not be aware of, there is a great Facebook tracking service on for comparing fan pages and tracking their followers/follower growth over time. See for a sample comparison of three Ski Resort fan pages.

    Keep it up!

    • SlopeFillers – Gregg

      Eric, awesome stuff. How have I not ever heard about I guess it

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