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Big resort wins with tiny homes?

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One of the most fascinating movements I’ve ever witnessed is that of tiny homes.

Count us in the group of people who realized they don’t need as much house as we currently live in (we have 2,000 sq ft but an entire room sits completely unused), but the interesting thing isn’t just the downsizing it’s the swing from one extreme to the other.

From 2,500 sq ft (or more) to 250 sq ft (or less).

An intriguing observation…
A few nights ago I watched this video on YouTube about a college kid who built a tiny home he now happily lives in for about $15,000.

As I explored the channel a bit more, I was completely blown away by the view counts on the top videos on the creator’s channel. In total, the channels had seen 75,000,000 views and 17 of their videos had more than 1,000,000 views alone including these:

Can I toss out a theory as to why people are doing this? Why folks by the millions are watching one extreme of housing options from the comfort of the other extreme?

It’s because our society is insatiably curious about what it would be like to live this way, but not willing to commit to the lifestyle 100% to find out.

And these videos?

They give them that taste without the need to go all-in.

What if…
What if a resort capitalized on this by building 8-10 tiny homes near their base area. I have no idea what the permitting process would be on something like that, but those details aside, think about some of these pieces.

  • A cost of approximately $25,000-$35,000 a piece.
  • Pricing power given the lack of alternatives.
  • Boundless, baked-in PR and marketing opportunities.
  • Ability to move them depending on season.

Yurts don’t carry the same romantic appeal that tiny homes do. Hotel rooms and condos are what everyone else does. But what if you could give millions of people a place to test the tiny home movement that’s fascinated them and have an experience at your mountain?

Food for thought.

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  • Supersteverino

    Seems like it would also be a great way to make it potentially affordable for people who work at the mountain to actually live there too. My brother recently purchased a van so that he can catch some zzz’s between on-mountain gigs, rather than drive up and down the mountain, since nearby real estate is already astronomical and still increasing. Tiny home mountain villages!?!

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