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Three Charts to Keep in Mind When You Plan a Season Pass Deadline

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We’re right in the middle of Spring pass sales. And with pass sales come deadlines. There are a handful of things to keep in mind with deadlines, but let me share three (actually four charts total) that I’ve been digging through data on.

#1) First Day vs Last Day
The first day of a season pass sale sees less than 1% of total sales on average. On the flip side, the last day brings in over 20%. People will wait if there is no reason to buy today.…

#2) Deadline vs Quantity
Speaking of reasons to buy now, remember what happens when you have a limited quanity versus a limited timeframe. Sales are compressed into fewer days and the chart is completely flipped.

#3) Emails Day of or Day Before
This is one I’ve just pulled data on. Overall, deadline alerts sent the day before a deadline get more opens and clicks than emails send the day of a deadline. This is definitely something I’d split test at your resort this year and find what your skiers respond to.

This goes hand in hand with when emails are opened.…

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