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Content Marketing
Why do guests have to pay to share photos with friends?

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Let me ask you a question. Well, a few questions. I’ll even put then in that fancy quote styling so you notice it:

What if there was a content type that carried many times the weight of a Facebook post?

What if it could be delivered personally 1-to-1 instead of 1-to-everyone?

And what if you could distribute them directly to a guest’s three closest family and friends for less than $1?

Given that setup, would you:

  1. Consider this a ridiculously valuable way to spend your marketing budget.
  2. Force your guests to scrounge a few quarters to pay for this themselves.

Do you know what I’m talking about yet?


I’m talkin’ about postcards, man. I’m not talking about the social media game, I’m not talkin’ about that game, I’m talkin’ about postcards.

What if…
Let’s say that you have a really great shot of your mountain. Maybe this one from Steamboat last week:

And let’s say you printed up, I dunno, 1,000 of these at Vistaprint.

And let’s say you left three of these on the table of every occupied room at your hotel this week along with a few stamps with a note that says,

“Write home on us! Enjoy these complimentary postcards and stamps.”

If people used them, you’d replace them with new ones. If they didn’t, the staff would leave them there. And let’s say it took a full month for all of them to be sent.

After one month you would have:

  • Hundreds of guests who had shared their experience with their closest, most trusted friends and family.
  • 1,000 people seeing an incredible view of your resort on the flip side of a personal message from one of their most trusted friends who was just there.

And the cost?

A grand total of $415.

We talk about social sharing, but man, every time I see a rack of beautiful postcards being marked up $0.75/each with stamps being sold two busiensses over by some 17 year old clerk who wishes she was anywhere but work…well…the wheels start turning as they often do.

Still Beloved
Postcards are still an extremely fun thing to send and receive, we’ve just made it so inconvenient to do so we sometimes forget they exist.

But if we flipped the script and made these a marketing expense instead of retail inventory? And what if, because we’re out there making ridiculously good images all the time, we put our most popular, timely, relevant images on the front?

If you ask me, that’s an idea that could go places.

  • Love this.

    • AK

      Totally. Nominee for the SF top 10, which is exclusive.

      • Exclusive indeed. Which also means it will probably get about 1/10 the traffic of other posts because that’s usually how it goes for my favorites.

    • Many thanks.

  • RP Normandeau

    I share your vision on this Gregg ! I am still a printed magazine reader guy (with a coffee), a tablet can’t beat that feeling for me.

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