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Snowless Ticket Sales: Marketing Summer Deals on Liftopia

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If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of Liftopia. While they aren’t a perfect system, compared to other companies that help you sell lift tickets (especially online), they’re tough to beat. Even though resorts continue to bring crowds through the summer months, for some reason I had forgotten about Liftopia as an option for pushing ticket and activity sales. Just because a lift isn’t always involved, doesn’t mean this resource can’t be tapped.

Recently, Liftopia announced the “Drop in Like It’s Hot” promotion, featuring specials and deals that resorts were offering on their summer activity line-ups. Liftopia co-founder Evan Reece reported that:

In all honesty, we never expect summer volume to approach winter volume with sales on Liftopia. People do not tend to consume summer activities with the same passion as skiing (not many people say “I am a die hard alpine slider”). That said, our primary goal with summer products is to help resorts educate consumers about the summer products that are becoming much more prevalent at ski resorts. In the long term, resorts that continue to add capital improvements with summer infrastructure will hopefully ease their seasonality, and with some of them indeed have similar passion to skiing.

Among others, some of the deals offered include:

  • Mountain Bike Rental + Lift Ticket Packages
  • Full Day Bike Park Tickets
  • Mountain Coaster Day Pass
  • Multi-Day Summer Lift Access

If you are wondering what the biggest summer seller on Liftopia is, it’s probably not a huge surprise learn that anything related to mountain biking takes the cake.

If you need some inspiration for deals your resort can offer on Liftopia this summer, check out the full list:

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