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This simple tweet and photo from Sugarloaf’s Jamie Walter is one of my all-time favorites.

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I want to tell you story about a single photo Sugarloaf tweeted about 3 weeks ago.

Hidden just under the surface is another story. A story of hustle. Of work. It’s a story about putting in the time now to create opportunities later.

Here’s the photo.

A bike, the northern lights, and a message about an upcoming bike festival.

Well-matched ingredients often disguise the difficulty required to achieve such a simple, balanced combination. This is very much one of those cases. It’s also the reason I love to follow Sugarloaf’s Jamie Walter who took that photo.

For example, it overlooks Jamie’s all-nighter efforts to catch the Aurora only to be foiled by clouds…

It overlooks Jamie’s enthusiasm and fire about photographing these scenes in the first place…

It overlooks the nights where he couldn’t keep his eyes open and just missed it…

And it overlooks how many tries it took to get it right…

After all, spending midnights on hillsides covered in pop-tart crumbs doesn’t tell your story unless your story has been filled with many, many, many such nights.

A few months ago I wrote a simple post about hustle. This is what I said.

“That mindset where we aren’t just cranking through a to-do list but endlessly looking for opportunities, looking for doors to open, looking for where the people are so they can go there.”

Jamie has hustle. He’s always working. Always improving. Always looking for opportunities.

A bike perfectly placed in the foreground of a beautifully framed aurora doesn’t just happen. Jamie made it happen. And when a killer bike photo was needed, he could deliver.

Nice work, Jamie.

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