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Maybe Resorts Will be the First to Take Advantage of this Extremely Overlooked Real Estate?

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Of all the device-accessed places resorts try to get their content, one has been completely overlooked.

They’ve mastered the art of EdgeRank, claimed the desktop background, infiltrated notifications, the list goes on.

But there’s one place they, nor any other business has effectively reached yet.

A Dash of Content
Last week I shared a content aggregation idea that took all the date-specific content on a website and put it in one place: promoting resort offers together instead of individually. So, I’ll start with that some piece of content to highlight this idea as well.

Starting with that, this is the treatment I gave it. Subtle, but see if you can figure out where I’d put this?


Figure it out?

The One Spot…
The one spot I’ve never seen a business take advantage of is the start page on a browser.

Like the desktop wallpaper it’s big and seen every day. Like a website it’s dynamic and easy to maintain. In fact, it is a website, just a website that’s built to act as a start page. And this is just a draft, you could easily add:

  • Social feeds
  • Booking engines
  • Snow reports
  • Web cams and current conditions

The list goes on.

One Final Touch
To get people to set this as their homepage I’d add a very simple tweak in the form of a contest. Skiers would win by having this page as their start page.

Using a combination of IPs, cookies, and an email sign-up form, I’d let skiers use this as their start page on 3-5 different devices with each having a unique chance of winning. Then, I’d randomly reward a start-page user on any given day with, again, a prize that would require a trip to the mountain to use.

So, that’s what I’d do.

  • Kevin Forrest

    Pretty good idea…I think that you would have to make sure the page is reasonably quick to load. The contest would be cool for awhile (like a day), but if every time I hit the browser button I have to wait a long time it might get frustrating and make keeping it as the home page deleterious to their experience and have unintended consequences for the brand.

    • Browser button? Do you mean new tab? Or do you open/close your browser frequently during the day?

  • Kevin Forrest

    I mean the launching of the program and new tab. I open close my browser on my laptop/desktop often and I just checked, the chrome browser new tab loads the home page. If the page takes a long time to load that could get old. My phone/tablet usually hold it open so this is no factor there. Google’s page is very low key to make it load fast.

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