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One of the Smartest Resort Mobile App Features I’ve Ever Seen

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Various platforms provide various economies of reach. For example, social media can broadcast the same message to large groups for almost no cost and email can send customized messages to individuals for a small cost.

But what about mobile?

Between the cost to acquire and cost to send, I’ve never been a big fan of SMS as a marketing platform, especially with email access now on so many smartphones, but Squaw, with the Lumiplan platform, has found another avenue.

A Simple Tweak
The idea is simple: you get alerts when your Klout score drops, your unborn child reaches the size of a lemon, and ComputerGal36 likes your photo on Instagram, so why not trigger alerts of vastly more important news (well, except for the lemon) like…say…powder days.

That’s exactly what Squaw does:

(iPhone notification center)

(iPhone lock screen)

While it is dependent on the user approving notifications from your app, it’s a very low-cost, simple way to broadcast short messages to lots of skiers with a high probability of being seen.

Smart move by Lumiplan to include this in their app offering.

  • Very awesome, tip of the hat to Squaw.

    We are rolling out something very similar, however it allows the user to customize when they are notified. Wanna know when Aspen Highlands receives 6+ or more? Drag the slider right, hit save. Whammo.

  • Thanks for the post, Gregg! Push notification has been quite an useful feature for us. What we like most about it is the ability to geo-target so we can communicate to guests depending on where they are at the moment. Onsite guests have appreciated knowing what lift just opened on a powder day and guests on their way here appreciate knowing if there are any road/parking impacts. Lumiplan is also working on upgrades to allow users to choose what types of push notifications they receive (snow, lifts, etc.). If only SMS had these capabilities.

    • That’s awesome, Tracy. Very cool to see what Lumiplan is working on and love the geo feature. I suppose I get notifications in CO because I haven’t enabled GPS for the app which is good, so I could see the feature in action.

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