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What I'd Do
A New Skiing Video Game Cometh, Is Your Resort Part of the Package?

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I sometimes feel I do too much critiquing and too little suggesting. Like, somehow, I’m the 400 pound, mullet-sporting guy on his 3rd beer at the baseball game yelling at the 2nd baseman to hustle. So, every once in a while on a Wednesday I’ll try to balance the scales a bit and put my own ideas up for display, analysis, and critique. (view all “WID” posts).

Aside from a few months of intense Mario Kart battles during college, I’m not really a gamer in the sense of having caloused thumbs from an XBOX controller.

However, there is one game I’m very excited to take for a spin: SNOW.

The Story
SNOW is the brainchild of a small, independent team of developers who have been hard at work on this project for a few years now. The game play is still in pre-alpha, but looks like a lot of fun:

Their fan page is littered with skiers dying to get their hands on a copy and desperate for even a buggy beta to put through its paces. I have a feeling their launch is going to be a big deal in skiing circles.

But here’s the thing, there is currently only one mountain in the game: Sialia. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so, that’s because as far as I know, it’s not an actual resort.

Hmmm, opportunity perhaps?

What I’d Do
If I were you, I’d be the first real resort to partner with the developers. Make sure that when the game launches, your mountain is the first option for skiers and riders to explore.

Work in some distribution benefits for them and you could be getting a serious bang for the buck, especially if your resort has any sort of focus on freeskiing.

It may be a hairbrained idea, but it might just work. Either way, that’s what I’d look into doing…

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